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Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Our motion trainer keeps your body in sync by preventing your spine from swaying away and maintaining its angle while keeping the center of your shoulder and center of your hips closely aligned.

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Practice the coordination between your hands and body. Improve performance and reduce the risk of injury. SwingFlex™corrects a golf player's upper body rotation motion through simulation of locking fingers, wrist angles, and shoulder alignment while stretching the right muscles for swinging.

Why use SwingFlex™ ?

SwingFlex™  is a great device for golf players of all levels. Using this trainer aid helps the player adjust into a more comfortable and correct positioning pre-swing to improve accuracy and distance. It helps you set your lead arm to the right angle and maintain your posture during swing movements. 


This training aid addresses some of the most common swing movement mistakes golfers commit. This includes:


  • Loss of posture
  • Poor swing angle
  • Poor tempo and timing
  • No acceleration
  • Incorrect Upper body rotation
  • Lack of a Full Shoulder Turn
  • Swinging Over the Top

SwingFlex™ is an effective training aid that helps reduce the chances of making these mistakes. 

What are the benefits of SwingFlex™?



Improve your game and greater your potential as a golfer by practicing a correct posture, increasing muscle strength and flexibility. SwingFlex™ is an easy to use and straightforward training device. The wide Y design and curved tube help stretch your arms and shoulders as you practice your swing posture.


Having good control on chest and shoulder presses provides better stabilization and movement of shoulders during a swing. It also allows you to control the club better for swinging, gripping, and clamping.



Correct posture, great stretching, and warm-up lead to better golf performance and lesser risk of injury. SwingFlex™ can be used for internal and external rotation warm up. Make 90-degree swing and a full swing mode. Remember and familiarize your muscles with the proper posture.


Mobilize your joints that don’t have a full range of motion. No more wobbling during squats. Stabilize your posture and stance and get better control of your clubbing and practice swing techniques. Keep your hips and shoulder blades in place to prevent injuries especially on the fingers, lower spine, and shoulders.




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Q: Is it effective?

Yes. It is a simple yet very effective golf training aid. It’s a versatile tool that helps resolve posture and alignment issues most golfers struggle with like slices, hooks, chicken wings, and even no velocity shots.

Q: Can I use it if I'm left-handed?

Yes. It's designed where it can be used by left-handed players as well.

Q: How often do I have to use it to see improvement?

The recommended ratio of this training device is 10:1 - 10 swing rehearsals for each ball hit. What’s good about this training aid is its portability allows you to practice your swings indoors and outdoors anytime, anywhere.

Q: What Swings can I practice with it?

Designed to help golfers with their back swing and downswing. The special and versatile designs help the player maintain proper posture and alignment through comfortable arm extension, forearm rotation, and shoulder turn. By consistently practicing your swing, you will eventually familiarize the feel of proper positioning of your body and be able to control your swings and even your follow-through.


Materials: Fiberglass, Abs

Color: Red & Black

Size: 52cm x 40cm


1 x SwingFlex™

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