Improve Your Golf Game And Save Money On Coaching!

Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Our motion trainer keeps your body in sync by preventing your spine from swaying away and maintaining its angle while keeping the center of your shoulder and center of your hips closely aligned.

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GolfPro™ Trainer

GolfPro™ Trainer

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Improve Your Golf Game And Save Money On Coaching!

 Easy Installation

  • GolfPro™ Trainer has a fast and simple installation and can fit onto any golf club handle.
  • Simply attach to your golf club from the top of the handle.

Improve grip control & swing stability to achieve perfect golf swing with GolfPro™ Trainer! 

Suitable for ALL Golf Players

  • Perfect for both beginner or expert golf players as it can let you train for the perfect golf grip to achieve a better golf swing!

No more slicing!

  • Stops slicing with better alignment and grip!
  • Allows you to perform consecutive draw/hook shots with consistency and accuracy.

Distance and Control

  • Allows you to increase grip control and swing stability on the golf club.
  •  A perfect grip encourages the proper release of the clubface and will help you increase the distance!  

Build Your Muscle Memory

  • GolfPro™ Trainer can promote “muscle memory” which allows you, with practice and time, to achieve a perfect grip without assistance.
  • GolfPro™ Trainer is an ergonomic handle designed to assist for a perfect grip.
  • You can make the right adjustment according to your hands.
  • Durable and long-lasting grip training aid.

Boosts Your Golf Experience & Fun! Improve Your Golf Skill and Golf Swing like a Pro NOW! 


Material: Rubber

Color: Random

Size: Universal fit 


1 x GolfPro™ Trainer


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