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Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Our motion trainer keeps your body in sync by preventing your spine from swaying away and maintaining its angle while keeping the center of your shoulder and center of your hips closely aligned.

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LagProPlus golf training aid

LagProPlus golf training aid

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Create Lag Like A Pro.
 Swing Faster, More Powerful & Farther!

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Do you want to hit straighter, longer and fix all your swing faults with less effort? 

LagProPlus is an advanced training aid especially designed and engineered to improve swing tempo, rhythm and timing. These are key elements in a swing that helps develop and maximize lag for accurate and powerful shots. 

Practice your swing drills and learn how to land a consistent, clean strike on your golf ball with the help of this advanced training aid. Stop swinging harder and ruining your game. Instead, add lag to your swing and increase power, speed and distance to your shots. 


Why Use LagProPlus?

Golfers, especially amateurs and beginners have no idea which part of their swing had gone wrong that made them lose their lag. The LagProPlus is an innovative golf training aid that uses a rope with a guide ball attached to help you develop lags, improve your swing postures, increase your swing speed, smoothness, rhythm, and ultimately, make your swing become more fluid and natural.

The LagProPlus has a 3 control band positions to control the weight distribution for all type of swing practices. This training aid amplifies each trail movement to highlight common struggles and swing issues in the swing sequence, from setup position to follow-through, so you can effectively self-correct for smoother but powerful shots.

LagProPlus's flexible rope design help you to:

  • Feel your swing rhythm & tempo. Develop a smooth tempo & rhythm to build up more clubhead speed.
  • Feel the pause. This training aid amplifies the sense of loading on the "shaft" & "clubhead" so that you can time the transition perfectly.
  • Release like a pro. Learn how to load & unload correctly so that you can swing your golf club efficiently for maximum control, distance & accuracy.  

Stop overthinking and let this training aid helps you naturally develop the perfect Rhythm, Tempo, Timing, Transition, Release and Increase your club head's speed.


THE RESULTS: Effortless Lag & Speed, Further Distance, More Accuracy


What is the benefit of LagProPlus?

Golf is never a game of strength but of coordination and timing. The smoother your movements, the better your control, tempo and distance. Master your swing sequence with our LagProPlus.


  • Create lag naturally & effortlessly. Lag is important in getting a powerful and clean golf shot.  The LagProPlus allows you to feel and create lag naturally. No forced or "mechanical" feel that can make your swing worse. 

  • Increase Swing Speed and Power. Enhancing your lag can boost your clubhead speed by 6-10 mph. Understand how and when to release energy in your swing to achieve greater swing power and speed.

  • Improve Accuracy and Distance. Learn when to allow your club to lag and strike the ball up in the air without the full hand motion. With a proper lag, you can land a clean strike on contact and send the ball straighter at lower heights, therefore increasing your distance by 20 more yards.  

  • Develop Perfect Tempo and Rhythm. LagProPlus helps you develop the perfect rhythm and control on your swing. You can track and maintain your momentum for a smoother tempo and create more speed effortlessly. The better your tempo, the farther the distance. 

  • Achieve Proper Angle and Alignment. Maintain body angle and alignment and execute the entire swing sequence properly. Lag can only be developed when the body is properly aligned and coordinated. Learn to maintain the correct angle throughout the swing to get rid of curved balls and chicken wings.


How LagProPlus Works?

LagProPlus is an all around training aid that covers each phase of the swing sequence. It has 3 control bands, and each control band position addresses a specific area of the swing sequence and amplifies your mistake for immediate feedback.

Practice drills and a variety of swings while showing the level of your improvement.  


How to use LagProPlus

LagProPlus is an advanced and straightforward training aid that is 100% effective in detecting swing mistakes. Get immediate feedback on your angle, rotation, weight shifts and control.  

By doing 3 sets of 15 swings a day, you can easily advance your golf skills in a short amount of time. 

Step by step guide:

  1. Hold the grip and set up like you would with a driver or iron shot. 
  2. When you rotate your body for the backswing, the rope should smoothly wrap around your left shoulder.
  3. When transitioning into your downswing, feel your weight shift to the lag and follow through.
  4. When you turn into your finish position, the end of the rope should smoothly wrap around your body.


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