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Achieve Proper Body Rotation In Your Golf Swing

Our motion trainer keeps your body in sync by preventing your spine from swaying away and maintaining its angle while keeping the center of your shoulder and center of your hips closely aligned.

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Golf Hitting Mat

Golf Hitting Mat

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Protect your lawn, floorings & carpet!

Ever wished to practice your golf swings and shots at home? Good news, now you can train and improve your golf skills at home safely with our Golf Hitting Mat.

Our Golf Hitting Mat is a must have add-on to your training aids collection. With this mat, you can now practice your shots indoor and outdoor without any problems. Protect and prevent damages on your flooring, carpet or create a bald spot on your lawn


  • Simulate Golf Fairway. A hitting mat with fairway surface simulates the feel of closely mowed grass. Realistically replicates the touch and feel of a real fairway.
  • Protect Your Flooring and Lawn. Practice your shots without worrying about damaging your flooring, carpet or causing a bare spot on your lawn.
  • Anti-Skid Base. Fitted with a heavy-duty rubber base to prevent the mat from slipping and moving around when you make your shots. Suitable for various surfaces; any type of flooring, carpet and even grass.  
  • Portable and Easy to Store. Comes in a convenient size of 30 x 60cm, you can easily bring this mat anywhere for practice and store it away when not in used. 

Product Specification:

Material: Rubber, Artificial Grass
Size:30cm x 60cm x 1.5cm
Color: Green


Package Includes:

1 x Golf Hitting Mat

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